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Welcome to Vinylpostcards 

We press records in postcard format for you, accessible analog and digital. 


Home Screen - App Record player Montage.
Send me a Postcard
  • Trigger an instant "Wow!" 

  • Stand out with a unique format

  • Personalise your music 

  • Create valuable collectibles

  • Turnaround time of 4-5 weeks only!

  • Playing time of up to 3:30 minutes

  • Good sounding quality pressing

  • Sustainable product with a great feel

  • Play your VPC in the web-app (mobile & desktop)

  • Play your VPC in the augmented reality app 

  • Add additional songs, infos pictures, videos & more

  • Give your fans access to exclusive material 

  • Play your VPC on an AR record player

  • Integrate a download package

  • Add content whenever you want to

  • Implement your own AR artwork

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