Kenneth Winkler - Founder

Kenneth Winkler - Vinylpostcards founer weyrerton founder, producer, composer.jpg

Born and raised in Innsbruck/Tyrol, Kenneth Winkler started playing the clarinet and saxophone at the age of 10 before he discovered his love for HipHop. Besides writing lyrics and producing songs from HipHop to Pop he developed a passion for studio equipment and the playground that comes along with it.


After graduating from the "Fachschule für Elektronik" Kenneth worked as audio engineer at the Tiroler Landestheater. Obtaining a professional engineering skill set was the foundation he needed to build weyrerTon at the age of 23 back in 2010. 

At the same time Kenneth Winkler met Albrecht Dornauer who introduced him to his lathe cutting machine. Since Albi wasn't the best audio engineer he convinced Kenneth to come onboard and learn how to cut vinyl. Soon the idea to craft Vinylpostcards was born and so they ended up carving cards out of plastic layers and cardboard to put grooves on them via the lathe cutter.