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To create value for an audience that is used to online streaming and our digital world, we have developed an App that makes it possible to listen to your Vinylpostcard on your phone.  The Vinylpostcard is the key to playback the music digitally in the App via an Augmented Reality Record Player, which you can place anywhere in the room to get the nostalgic feeling of vinyl. Furthermore, any digital content can be added in the App - the possibilities are endless.

The marriage of The Analog and The Digital - equipped with the best of both worlds.


Let us introduce you to our Vinylpostcards AR App!...

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Download The Vinylpostcards App for free via the App-Store and Google Play


  • Scan your card through your smart phone to listen to the music and access additional content

  • Grant your fans access to limited editions only available via the Vinylpostcard

  • Create collectables! 

  • Grant all your fans access to your release through the Vinylpostcards App


  • Once you have scanned a card, its content will be saved in the App's library​ and you can play it at anytime in the App's Music Player

  • Play your Vinylpostcards on an Augmented Reality record player and bring the charme of playing vinyl onto your smartphone

  • Share amazing screen recording videos of your Vinylpostcards being played in augmented reality


  • Every Card has its own MORE CONTENT section which is fully customisable by you


  • Unlimited possibilities to add unique content in the App

  • Add additional content at any time - even after the release has already happened

  • Such as additional tracks of the Album, Videos, Information about the Artist, Links, limited Editions

  • Just contact us and we can discuss the possibilities

For more Info about the ordering process and the preparation of the data check out the "order" page.

The development of the Vinylpostcards AR App was funded by 

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