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We are


Our profession is manufacturing records in postcard format: Vinylpostcards.

Our vision is to create Timeless Media!



Meet the people behind our young and ambitious enterprise:


Kenneth Winkler

Founder | Mastering Engineer & App Department


Alexander Wörle

Founder | Head of Production


Justin Najm 

 Marketing &

Product Specialist


Martin Bayer

Marketing &




Our Story

Originally founded back in 2010, Vinylpostcards was initiated as a passion-project of two vinyl enthusiasts. Inspired by the old record postcards that were used to be sold with magazines back in the 60's and 70's, the two started to rework their production process. Lifting the quality of the product to a whole new level was the goal. Cooperating with different partners from bookbinders to stamping factories and printing companies, the two have been able to give the format a significant facelift. What now looked, felt, and of course sounded amazing was only achieved by a very time consuming manufacturing process that would not compete with the requirements of the market. Even though they were able to automate the production of the cards, the vinyl grooves themselves still needed to be cut into every single card in real time. This process enabled the production of small runs from 50 to 300, maybe 500 units, but made bigger runs almost impossible. Since the two were not planning on spending the rest of their lives behind a vinyl cutter, producing small batches of Vinylpostcards, they hit the snooze button on the whole project. This looked like the end of Vinylpostcards.


Almost five years later, an acquaintance was made that would change the future of Vinylpostcards once and for all. Together with the new partner, research for a state of the art production process for the cards had started. Two years and a crazy amount of work later, the prototype of the very first pressed Vinylpostcard was born. The newly developed production process is not just able to produce any amount of high quality Vinylpostcards in little time, but is also way more environmentally friendly than the process the old vinyl industry is using. Almost no chemicals are needed, and the ridiculous amounts of energy which is used by the old steam pressing plants is cut down to a fraction. As if this was not enough, the format was extended by a digital counterpart - the Vinylpostcards App. Enabling the format not just to be played in the analog domain, but also to be charged with digital content of any source. Audio, Video, Links, Animations. You name it, we do it! Being equipped with the best of both worlds, Vinylpostcards are the perfect music and related media format of the 21st century!

Our story



Download and read through our latest press release anouncing the launch of our Company and its unique development. For specific questions and/or high resolution pictures of our Vinylpostcards please contact us


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