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How much does a production run of Vinylpostcards cost?

The price of your production depends on the ordered quantity. Please check our Order section for the detailed pricing.

How much music can a Vinylpostcard hold? 

Up to 3m:30s at 45 RPM 
The maximum playing time varies depending on the music.. Bass heavy tracks take up more space and vice versa.

What is the turnaround time of a production run? 

As soon as your production related data is approved, it takes us between 5 to 6 weeks to manufacture your Vinylpostcards.

What is the minimum run?

Our minimum run is a 100 units.

How many times can I play a Vinylpostcard?

Our Vinylpostcards are the result of a high quality pressing. They are comparable to a conventional vinyl pressing and you can play them over a 100 times without noticing any difference.

Can I play the Vinylpostcards on an automatic deck?

No. The cards are almost equal to a 5'. So unfortunately you can not play them on an automatic deck.

Can I put music on both sides?

No. The Vinylpostcard has one layer of plastic that holds the groove and one layer of card board, that allows you to write on it. 

What is the audio quality like?

We are proud to say that the Vinylpostcards we have developed, have a good audio quality. The frequency response is almost flat throughout the whole range.  They are nothing like the ones you probably know from the 50ies and 60ies.  You will love to play our Vinylpostcards! Get in touch and request a sample...

Do I need a Vinyl Master?

Yes. For the production of a Vinylpostcard you need to deliver a dedicated vinyl master. If you can not supply one yourself, we offer to create one in cooperation with our partner mastering studio weyrerTon. 

Can I get a test pressing? 

Yes. We offer to make a test pressing for you. In order to make sure you are happy with the sound of your Vinylpostcards production you can order a test pressing for the additional cost of 95€. 

Can I put whatever music I like onto it?

No. You need to own the copyrights or at least have a licensor agreement with the owner of the copyrights. 

Is the artwork fully customisable?

Yes. The design of the front and backside of your Vinylpostcard is completely up to you. The only thing we require you to do, is name us as manufacturer with "manufactured by Vinylpostcards".  

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. We do ship worldwide! We are situated in Austria and ship from here worldwide. Please make sure to find out about possible fees at the customs if you are living outside the EU.

Do you have technical specifications?

Sure! Within this document you will find all technical specifications for the artwork and vinyl master.

What is the exact size/format of the Vinylpostcard?

Our format has the size of a standard postcard in A6:
14,8 cm X 10,5 cm

Are there any other formats you can offer?

No. The A6 format is currently our only format.  Custom sizes or other shapes are not possible at the moment.

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