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Inspired by the vintage record postcards that were sold in the 60ies and 70ies, we redeveloped the idea of this format. Back then, the cards used to be manufactured with a hot-foiling process, resulting in weak sound performance, short durability and cheap feel. Something that is great as a gimmick but never convinced as a valuable product.


Motivated by the vision of a postcard record with great sound, a significant feel as well as a high quality appearance, it took us almost five years to develop The Vinylpostcard.

Several steps in the manufacture process, years of experience in sound engineering and a highly specialised injection moulding process allow us to produce a resilient and impeccable sounding product.

We are able to produce The Vinylpostcard in vast numbers, tailored to your needs. Combined with the  Vinylpostcards AR App,  Vinylpostcards are the perfect music and related media format of the 21st century!

Download Vinylpostcards Info Sheet

Download Vinylpostcards format presentation


  • A good sound illustration across the whole spectrum

  • Precise high frequencies & good low end 

  • Playing time of around

    • 3:30 at 45 RPM 

  • Bass heavy tracks will have a shorter playing time


  • A resilient surface and high quality feel

  • Standart postcard format A6 (148mm x 105mm)

  • Less than 20g -> postcard shipping prices apply

  • The design is fully customisable to match your artwork 

  • Minimum run of only 100 Units

  • Not compatible with automatic record players


  • The marriage between Analog and Digital

  • The App makes it possible to playback the card without a record player

  • The card is the key to gain access to extras in the App

  • Unlimited possibilities to add unique content in the App

Send me a sample - "The Vinylpostcard"

For more Info about the ordering process, pricing and the technical specifications check out the "order" page.

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