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Web-App launch - open & play VPCs everywhere!

We are back with another great announcement: We finally launched our Vinylpostcards Web App!!!

You are now able to open up your Vinylpostcard on every device with a browser and internet access. This way you have instant access to the content connected to your Vinylpostcard and all this without the need of downloading another App! Your future Vinylpostcards will be equipped with unique ident codes of 6 digits in the bottom right. These codes act as keys to the cards content in the web app.

Further we now offer to integrate a download package into your Vinylpostcard. Attach your single, EP or even album to your VPC and make it exclusively available.

To check out how the web app works, just visit and enter one of the promo codes „ABRIA“ or „anymf2021“ .


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